Every writer needs their own space..

The following blog was posted on my old blog page in December 2015.


My ideal writing space… Well, at first glance, that’s easy. Anywhere by water pretty much! But as I sit here and think about my “dream” writing space – I must say, I don’t really know right off. I would like to describe a room with a desk. A nice, spacious desk. Something natural. I would be surrounded by all of my favorite books and inspiring people – Ronda Rousey, Elizabeth Gilbert, P!nk, Tom Petty – to name a few. I’m kind of imagining a “wall of quotes”. I love quotes. I love inspiration. Although, who doesn’t? This room would have to have a lot of natural light – big Windows and a nice view outside. Maybe some woods and a creek… a garden. I would also have some indoor plants/flowers and a fountain of some sort. A radio or something that can play music – with headphones. Even in a silent, empty house, music is always helpful for me. Music and hiking are my “go to’s” when it comes to writing. I wish I could say that I’m one of those people who can write anywhere but I’m not! Matter of fact the above “dream spot” may not even be “my spot” – that’s just what I’ve imagined. My ideal spot is outdoors, preferably a place that I hike to but realistically, as I’m finding now, being outdoors isn’t always ideal in Indiana. I’m always worried that I will suffer a lack of inspiration in the winter time and this year I am more worried than usual – and for good reason too. Currently I’m staying with family and space is very limited. By limited, I mean that I am sleeping on the couch and am never alone. It is also never quiet – which is generally the bigger problem. Thus far it hasn’t really been a problem because the area that I moved to is perfect for the striving artist! Right out the front door I have the river and just a half mile walk I have the dam. Hell, a 15 minute drive and a 1 mile hike in any direction and I have a gorgeous view – away from anything that could possibly “block” my inner creativity. However, with the weather getting cold – the outside just seems uncomfortable for writing. Right now with it being November, I’m still getting lucky and having a nice day here and there. I know that it’s only getting colder from here though! I must find a new writing spot soon. Right now I have no ideas but I know I will figure something out because not writing – is not an option. Frankly at this point I will get a “do not disturb sign” and post it on the bathroom door! Ha! Then five years from now, when I’m writing a memoir, I can include my struggles of bathroom writing. Regardless of where I end up writing – I am dedicating a minimum of one hour a day to just that. I have promised myself to get serious about this dream. I want to be a writer. I am a writer. One day, someday soon, I hope to have my own place and I can’t wait to experiment with creating a writing spot that works for me, but for now, I have to make it work. Period. You only begin by beginning and we all know the truth in “there’s no better time than now”. I am looking forward to sharing my writing with my readers – even the simple things like this because after all this is a huge part of my journey! Now, even though this circular thing hanging on the wall is telling me that I’m twenty minutes short of my one hour mark – I’m ending this here because frankly I’m still hand writing everything first and my wrist is on fire!!
**update** I just recently put a deposit down on a place of my own and plan to be moving in the next two to four weeks! Make sure you check back for another blog about my writing space

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