It’s a New Day.

It seems I have been slacking when it comes to my writing.  I have been stuck for quite some time now.  As you can see, I’ve started a new blog page.  I have already transferred over some of the blogs from my old page.  Thing that I didn’t want to leave behind, if you will.


So much has changed since the last time I posted – which was a blog about my move from Indianapolis to Monticello.  This blog will be used as an update on all of the amazing progress I have made over the last year and where I am currently at on my journey.


My last post in March of 2016 “Choose your routine” I wrote about three months after I moved into my apartment in Delphi, where I would finally call home.  My entire life began to shift shortly after that and looking back on where I was and where I am now you would think the last seven months were really a year or two of time.


At the time I was dating a guy name Steve.  We were going through a really hard time and ended up breaking up.  That guy is now my husband but I will get to more of that shortly. When I made the move from Indianapolis to Monticello in April of 2015, I knew that it was going to be a big step forward for my son and I both.  I never imagined that under two years later I would be living an almost completely different life because of that relocation.


As you guys are well aware – I was hit with a custody battle shortly after moving. The custody of my nearly seven year old son has still not been resolved.  As of right now a court hearing is scheduled for the end of November.  This part of my life has been very difficult to say the least.  I have dealt with a lot of stressful situations when it comes to dealing with my ex husband and this custody battle.  For legal reasons I’m not going to go into this topic any further, for the time being.


So in early April of 2016, right around the time that Steve and I broke up, I took on a second job.  A lead position in the medicine room at Carroll Manor in Delphi.  I knew that it would be difficult maintaining two jobs and visitation, but I was tired of struggling with my finances and frankly I needed something to keep me busy. Busier.  At Carroll Manor I am basically in charge of making sure that all of the residents get their medications on a timely and routine manner.  I handle PRN meds and well as direct resident care.  It is a strenuous job most nights, but it is also very rewarding.  I really enjoy the work that I’m doing there.  I am still with Brightstar Home Health and am still with a client that I took on in December of 2015.


Later on in April, Steve and I made a decision together to start over from the beginning.  A few weeks later he picked up his life in Kokomo and relocated to Delphi so that we could be closer and take a step forward in our relationship. I admit that I was scared shitless!  This decision involved leaving the past in the past and moving forward with both of us putting in 100% effort. I had no idead where this road was going to lead at the time, but I had to trust that it was all happening for a reason.. On September 24, 2016 – I married him, Our wedding ceremony and reception took place alongside the Tippecanoe River and was everything I had ever dreamed about.  All the way from the location, to the dress my grandmother hand made, to the man I was marrying – it was perfect. Aside from that I have decided not to go into the details any further as there will be a blog to come covering my wedding and the prep beforehand.  Expect pictures to go along with it!


As before – I love my new home; my apartment is nice too.  Having Steve here makes life nearly perfect most days.  When I have my son back full time – perfect won’t be the word for it.  Since all of the recent developments in my life I have ended a few relationships.  I decided now that I’m happy and a lot of my hard work is paying off – I can’t chance going backwards which means carefully choosing the energy that I surround myself with from here on out.


I have discovered a strong sense of ease and renewed motivation so I am going to continue working closely on goals and progression. Shortly (already in the works) will come a blog about quarterly goals.  That’s all I’m going to say because the blog will explain itself!  Along with all of this I am currently making my career a priority which includes my writing.


On a final note, I would just like to encourage anyone reading this to never give up.  No matter what it is that you’re chasing after… when your legs get tired of running, sit back and figure out how to fly.


Wishing you all the very best.

Until next time.




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