Quarterly Goals – Fall

So about a year ago I was trying to find inspiration for my writing goals.  While browsing motivational videos on YouTube I came across a newly published author name Jenna Moreci and she is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!  Now, a year after following her vlog on YouTube, I have decided to follow in her footsteps and do quarterly goals.  Her idea is to come up with 10 to 20 goals (they can be work related, personal goals, career goals… whatever goals you have) and you complete at least 50% of the goals on your list.  Basically this means, if you choose to do 20 goals (as I have) then you HAVE to complete at least 10 of these goals.  If you complete 9 of them… well you know!  If you happen to complete 100% YOU ROCK!


Anyway,I have spent a few days now working on this list. Below I am going to share the basic goal and a tad bit of what it entails.  I will be doing this EACH QUARTER and I will be journaling through the process (which as you will see is one of my goals) so that I can post a blog update at the end of each quarter.  I hope all of you will follow me on this journey and maybe by the end of the quarter you will want to join in as well!!


So to be clear, the following goals are to be completed within the months of October, November, and December – obviously I’m getting a bit of a late start! Here goes!


1. Post new blog weekly

This has been a goal of mine for, I don’t know, several years. And yes – I have FAILED at this goal for several years!

2. Four walks per week

Originally this goal was “Lose Weight” but I decided that it needed to be a little more precise.  I can sit here and think about having the goal of losing weight daily, and never get my ass off of the couch SO I have decided to give myself exact instructions to walk four times per week.

3. Build cat house

Okay, Okay. So this one is a little weird right?  Well get this, I was browsing on Pinterest for several hours one night (as I often do when I’m lying in bed wide awake at 3am) and I come across this cat house that you build out different sized cardboard boxes. SO this lady here has been hoarding cardboard boxes and I am now ready with glue, yarn, paper, paint, and cats – to build this amazing cat house! If this goal is completed I will be sure to share a picture of it’s awesomeness!

4. Get employee bonus at Brightstar

Okay, as many of you know I work in home health care for Brightstar based out of Lafayette. At the beginning of the year they came up with and started this “Bright Stars” program. Brilliant right?! So basically employee’s earn stars for certain things and lose stars for certain things. For 50 stars earned in a quarter you receive $50.  For 100 stars you receive $100.  Following me? This mean EXTRA MONEY.  I have already won once, it is my goal to win again!

5. Complete at least 50% of book manuscript

When I first put this goal down on paper I really had no idea what kind of book I was even going to work towards. I have of course started on a fiction suspense/romance book but am at a standstill with that. However, tonight during dinner I decided that I am going to work towards writing a book that is healthcare based. After all, that is what I currently specialize in!


6. Get into college

I have already gotten started on this goal and it is VERY high on my list of priorities!  I am adamant about returning to school and at the very least obtaining my RN license.  Ideally I would like to continue on afterwards and pursue my Nurse Practitioner.

7. Write and submit at least 3 articles

So months ago I sat down and spent hours researching and compiling a list of companies accepting freelance articles and several different topics.  I’m talking like an entire page long list. Yep… You guessed it! I haven’t written a single word towards this!

8. Save for computer

This is also pretty high up there on the priority list!  Having a computer will not only assist me with my writing goals BUT it will also help me through college!  I found a RealTree CAMO HP laptop for $360 that I REEEEEEEALLY want.  The plan is for me to put it into lawaway soon for roughly $36 and then pay roughly $33 every week.

9. Study Medical Terminology

This is sort of a personal/career goal.  Mainly it was advised by my college advisor before starting nursing classes because get this… getting a medical degree doesn’t require taking medical terminology. Who decided that one?

10. Learn how to embroider

This is pretty much just for fun.  I need a freaking hobby! Something that is challenging, entertaining, and has a pretty outcome.

11. Journal at least every other day

As I mentioned above, this is one of my goals. This will mainly be used to blog later about how my quarterly goals went BUT it will also assist in keeping my thoughts working properly and getting them down on paper regularly.

12. Read at least 3 non-fiction books

Reading is important for developing your writing skills. I will be reading the next three books in the Blossom Street series by Debbie Macomber starting with the one I am currently on “Twenty Wishes” (and yes, there is a goal for writing my twenty wishes further down this list).

13. Read at least 3 fiction books

Again, reading is important for developing your writing skills. It is ALSO important in obtaining knowledge and knowledge is pertinent to life no matter what you’re doing with it.

14. Find new local doctor

This is something that I have seriously been procrastinating on.  As in I have been driving two hours to Indianapolis and back since I moved here in April 2015, to see my doctor.  I love her and trust her but ENOUGH is enough!

15. Eye exam

This one is highly important and as soon as my insurance is situated with the added vision and dental care, I will be having an eye exam done. I wear glasses already (okay fine – I am SUPPOSED to wear glasses and oftentimes don’t even though I have them) but the past several days I have been seeing in double vision which is highly annoying but also unsafe.  Did I mention annoying??

16. Meditate 4 times per week

Here is another goal that I have had for several years now. This is something that I just cannot seem to succeed at.  This goal will probably take up one of my three non-fiction books that I will be reading. Meditation is highly useful and amazing for your body and your brain. It’s time to get serious about this practice!

17. Get Apollo fixed

YES! This is seriously a goal.  Apollo is my cat and he is now going on 5 months old and is CRAZY!  He will be ball-less by the end of this quarter.  This is one goals I can just go ahead and check the freak off because it will be done!

18. Complete 20 wishes list

I mentioned above that this was down here. So this started with me starting “Twenty Wishes” by Debbie Macomber.  This book is about a group of friends who decide to make a list of 20 things that they absolutely want to do in their lifetime.  Like a “If I die tomorrow, what will I wish I had done?” And it is a fantastic exercise that I do want to partake in and am already working on (but it isn’t nearly as easy as it seems).

19. Do at least 3 honeymoon “trips”

So when Steve and I got married a couple of weeks ago, in lieu of wedding gifts we asked for donations and we put together this small vision board which has probably around 15 things that we want to do for our honeymoon which will be split into different weekends and different trips.  It is my goal for us to complete at least 3 of these before the end of this quarter, which should be easy considering most are festive activities and events.

20. Open new bank account

This is really just a simple goals.  Something that I need to get around to doing now that I am married.  Really it’s something I should have done… I don’t know – 10 years ago!


So that’s it!!!  I hope you enjoyed reading through this list and I hope you” come back to check my update at the end of the quarter!


Until next time!


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