You just know.

I’ve spent so much of my life trying yo figure out how you’ll know when you find “the one”.  I just new that there must be some page long mathematical equation to find the answer!
I got married ten years ago.  Fuck, that makes me feel ancient!!  Let me start over.  Ten years ago, I got married at the very young age of eighteen!  I was “so in love” with this man that I was just so sure that my life was going to be perfect.  Wrong!
I was married for nearly five years.  For the first half of the marriage my ideas of marriage and what it should be like we’re majorly changed.  I was convinced that I just had it all wrong.  The second half of my marriage I raised my youngest son amd realized how deeply you could love and be loved.  Turns out that I just married the wrong man.
It’s been nearly five years since my divorce and the few men that I dated between then and now did nothing but taint my vision of love even more.  
After moving to Delphi I decided to spend some time with myself.  I knew that I needed to find me before I could find “him”.  As my happiness began to grow the oddest thing happened.  He found me.  No joke.
Steve, my husband, has helped me grow even more and has added an abundance of joy to my life.  It took him a lot of work to win me over because my beliefs were so damaged by then that I had a difficult time saying “hey… this is it!” 
We have only been married for a few weeks but you know what?  I finally found the answer to my question.  There is no math equation that will help you reach the answer.  The answer is simple honestly…
You just know. 

I know, I know – you think I’m crazy.  At one point in time I would have agreed with you but it is 100% true.  When I look at my husband… I see me.  The feeling you get during that moment… that’s it.  Love can sometimes be seen but it’s best when felt.
Until recently I thought for sure that I’d never be where I am right now – it’s amazing what happens when you believe. 
If you are where I once was, it is my hope that you take my experience to heart and take some time to discover yourself.  Remember, you aren’t trying to find your “other half”, you are trying to find your whole.  

Until next time. 


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