Christmas Letter 2016

This year I wanted to start a new tradition of writing a family Christmas letter.  However, I decided way too late to start!  So, I am going to share this first years letter on my blog and plan to start next year with mailing them out!

Let’s get started!

Merry Christmas from the Wolfe family!  It’s Christmas Eve of 2016 and so much has happened this year with my life and my family.  In April I started working for Carroll Manor, the county home just outside of Delphi.  This was and huge step for me as I have always worked in home healthcare.  This turned out to be a really good decision though!  I am still working for Brightstar home healthcare and have been there for nearly two years now.  Juggling two jobs is insane at times, but I really enjoy my work. 

Also in April my boyfriend, Steve, relocated to Delphi from Kokomo.  This relocation was difficult for the both of us, of course in different ways.  For me, it was mainly just getting used to always having someone there.  I had gotten so used to just being me and having things my way!  For him it was a major life change.  He left his job, his home, and his friends behind – only bringing Miss Brooklyn and his belongings with him.  For the first several months things were difficult while he tried to find work in a small town and I supported us both until he started as career at the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department.  He is still there and loves it. 

In June, Steve asked me to marry him while standing in the middle of the Tippecanoe River, getting attacked by a fish!  No joke – one of the funniest and best moments of my life!  In September, we joined together with our families and friends alongside the same spot of the “Tippy” in our favorite color, camo, and we were married by my best friends father, Rocky.  Again, a very good decision.  We have been married for three months now, as of today.  We have certainly had our ups and downs, which is always expected in every relationship, but we make an exceptional team and never go to bed upset.  I give my loving and patient husband most of the credit for this – as most of you know, I’m a very stubborn woman!

Our lives, for the most part, are really really good!  In September following my surgery, we decided to add to our family and adopt a kitten that we named Apollo.  Raising him and Brooklyn together has been a challenge.  Brooklyn cannot stay out of anything – often following her nose towards food and treats, that she won’t eat. And Apollo we can’t keep in anything since he’s learned how to open doors!  Nevertheless, they’re a really good team and Apollo has been a great addition. 

Dakota is still attending school in Monrovia where his father lives.  He is a first grader now and started on the football team, which he hopes to continue next season.  It is our hope that he will attend Delphi next school year and try out for the team here.  Haydin is doing well.  He still lives with my mother and maternal grandparents in Indianapolis, but they spend a lot of time up here during the warm months so we get to see him often.  He just turned nine in October!  Dakota will celebrate his seventh birthday on the 29th, just four days after Christmas. 

This year I will be spending most of Christmas with my twenty-six residents at the Manor and gratefully a small amount of time with my husband, his parents, and his two brothers.  Dakota will arrive the day after Christmas and we will celebrate the holiday with him that evening, when Steve gets home from work.  We will be headed to Indy on the 29th to celebrate Dakotas birthday and Christmas with my mom, grandparents, and Haydin – followed by a Christmas and New Years Eve party with my four uncles and their families on the 31st! 

This year has been such and blessed year for my family and it’s my hope that 2017 will bring more of the same progress.  As I’ve always said – we can plan our lives down to the very last detail.. but sometimes life has a different plan.  I never could’ve imagined that I’d be where I am today.  Happy.

It is my hope for everyone that you enjoy your Christmas fully.  Let go of the stress that often accompanies the holiday season and just enjoy yourself, your family, your friends, your animals… and lather yourself in all of the love that surrounds you! 

Wishing you all the merriest of holidays from the Wolfe family!


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