Happy New Year 2017 – finally!

Well to start this post off right – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I know, I know… I am just a tad bit late on that celebration!  However, better late than never right? Right.  So, in all seriousness, this is my New Year 2017 blog.  Even if it is nearly a month late.  Some of you are probably wondering what I was doing during my hiatus and to answer your question simply – I was trying to write a New Years blog! Ha. Seriously though, it is the truth and I really am not sure why I have been struggling with this particular blog for the past month.  Maybe subconsciously I am thinking about how common failure is when it comes to New Years resolutions. Honestly my resoluTION (plural) is quite simple this year, but I’ll get to that soon enough.

          Over the past month throughout my struggles to write this blog I had even considered, with the advice of a dear friend, to discontinue my blog.  I can indeed see how it could be a distraction from the writing I REALLY want to be doing and also how it can add un-needed stress because I am trying to add to an already full plate.  However, after talking to a few different people and deeply considering all of the different opinions that I received on this matter… I have decided to keep my blog.  It is quite important to me that years down the line when I am a successful, published, author – my readers know ME.  It’s important to me that you guys know where I came from, the struggles I’ve been through in life and with writing, the progress I’ve made… the lessons I’ve learned that may someday help some of you.  Those things make my blog a priority just like writing a novel!  With that said, I will continue my blog here on wordpress for the next several months, but there will come a time that I will need to branch out further.  I’m afraid that I just won’t be able to get the followers that I need – on this particular website.

          Now, I am not sure that I have really shared all that much of my current career with you so I want to touch on that a bit.  I know that I mentioned in my recent Family Christmas Letter that I currently am working two jobs – One with Brightstar Home Healthcare and the other with Carroll Manor.  At both of these jobs, it is my responsibility to provide all direct care for my patients.  Sometimes this can be pretty simple tasks like companionship, assistance with dressing, transfers, etc.  Sometimes it can be rather difficult like providing wound care after a bad fall, spending thirteen hours in the emergency room, and providing full bed baths for patients who are paralyzed or terminally ill.  And sometimes the duties go beyond our “scope of practice” and become nearly unbearable like when watching a patient suffer as her lungs fill with fluid or sitting with a patient for twelve hours a day… waiting just so you can make “the call”.  For me these different stages tend to rotate but regardless of the emotional stress and the heartache every time I lose another – I love my job and the work that I do. 

          Currently I have two patients that are hanging on.  Well, I have one hanging on and I have another who keeps “throwing in the sponge but the Lord keeps throwing it back” – her words directly.  She is the one I want to share with you guys at this time.  She is light.  She is love. She is beautiful inside and out.  For the remainder of this blog I will refer to her as “Louise”. This last year I worked both Christmas Eve and Christmas; I volunteered actually.  I wasn’t going to have my son so I wanted to be with my patients.  Louise was headed downhill and knowing how ready she is to go I took about an hour out of my busy night to sit with her.  I was so afraid that she would be gone by time I came back.  While sitting with her I of course started to tear up as we talked about life and how she’s lived such a long, amazing life.  Like I often do with my patients, I asked her what advice she would want to leave behind when she goes and she said “Do the best that you can do”.  So simple.  So extraordinary.  After weeks of contemplating my New Years resolution – I instantly knew that this was it!  This is my New Years resolution.

          “Do the best that you can do”.  It’s really all any of us can do when you really stop and think about it.  It is a resolution that will keep restarting with every new day.  It is a resolution that you can’t really fail at.  You can fall short and then start over the next day, fresh.  I have spent most of my life feeling like a failure.  I have spent a lot of my life failing at things.  I think we can all admit that this is true for the majority of society – failure is human nature.  We are not perfect.  In fact, we are far from “perfect”.  Who came up with that term anyway?  We should all strive to do the best that we can do, every day, and maybe slowly the world will improve.

          Now even though I am only setting this one, sort of simple but rather complicated, resolution – I will still be continuing my quarterly goals in order to assist with this.  With that said I am going to jump into what would have ideally been a separate blog.

          As many of you know, in October of 2016 I started doing quarterly goals which means that at the start of the New Year a new quarter began.  Officially my second round.  My first set of quarterly goals didn’t go as well as I had hoped it would, but I did learn a lot!  I realized that I wasn’t setting very realistic goals for starters, and was instead trying to take on way too much.  With that said, this quarter I have decided to put my focus into setting more realistic and more broad goals.  One of my goals last quarter was to learn how to embroider.  I did not complete this goal.  In fact, I hardly got started because instead I got back into learning how to crochet and how to do string art.  If I had set a broader goal – like learn a new craft, that goal would have been a success. 

          So with that brief insight I would like to jump right in for my January, February, and March quarter – even though yes, we are 1/3 of the way through this quarter.  And since we are one month in I will go ahead and give a brief update as to where I currently am with these goals.


1.   90 days no smoking. (I actually JUST f*cked this up like two days ago! Oh well, I went over 30 days.. will try for 60 this time.)

2.   Open a bank account.

3.   Lose 10 pounds.

4.   Get into school for the summer semester.

5.   Focus more on writing. (Have been doing this and will be even more so now that I have a laptop – see below.)

6.   Write Debbie Macomber. (Plan on doing this today or tomorrow and sending Monday.)

7.   Stop drinking soda. (Have stopped drinking soda for nearly two weeks at this time.)

8.   Winter reading challenge. (I am currently two books into the five required for the contest.)

9.   Read a book by at least one new author. (I have completed this goal already.)

10.                Save for and purchase a computer. (And as of yesterday morning I have complete this goal as well, which is big news!)


Well that’s a wrap!  I will definitely be posting an update at the end of the quarter, in April, but I am sure you will be hearing from me before then as well!  Wishing everyone the best and hoping that whatever your New Years resolutions are, that you are succeeding!

Until next time!



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