Quarterly Goals – Update

About a month ago, I posted a New Year’s blog update with my Quarterly goals for January, February, and March.  I would like to touch base on my progress with these goals while I continue building my topic list for future blogs.  I’m going to go ahead and just jump right into this, going through each goal individually.

  1. 90 days no smoking. Unfortunately, this is a goal that I will be unable to complete this quarter with just a little over a month left.  However, this isn’t a goal that I am giving up on either.  This is something that I had considered greatly blogging about – not the quitting smoking itself, but addiction.  Addiction, no matter what the substance, is very hard to overcome.  I quit smoking for 32 days during this quarter and after a few slips I slowly picked it back up.  I am not going to be too hard on myself about this goal and if you are trying to kick an addictive habit, I suggest you be supportive of yourself in the process.  It’s hard!
  2. Open a bank account. I really have NO IDEA why I have not done this yet and honestly, I really have no idea why this keeps getting put back on my goal list.  This goal started out on my quarterly goals for the fall of 2015 and got pushed over onto this one because for some reason, every time I set up my goal list, I feel that this is important BUT obviously, it isn’t a priority.  For those of you who find yourselves setting goal lists with repeated goals time and time again that you just are not accomplishing – sit back and think about the importance of it.  Why was it important?  Do you feel the same way today about that goal as you did?  Is it really a priority?  Chances are this goal can be taken off your list, especially if it’s been on there for three quarters!
  3. Lose 10 pounds. I have not been as successful as I would like with this goal thus far – losing only 4 pounds so far.  This is a goal that will be pushed onto my next quarter as this is a long term and on-going process.  With the weather getting warmer I know that my motivation will increase to get out a be active.  Through the winter months I have merely been trying to make better food/drink choices.  In fact, yesterday afternoon, my husband and I decided to get out of the house for a bit and walk around town to enjoy the weather.  We had a lovely time but I could not believe how badly my calves were burning just a couple of blocks into the trip!  I knew then that I am way out of shape compared to what I was last year.



One year ago



Last year and the year prior I went through this health kick period and was really enjoying the lifestyle changes I was making as well as the weight that I was working off; the muscles that I was working out.  Between my daily walks, my weekly hiking trips, and being out on the river – I was feeling great!  I am ready to get back to those days! Better days.  For those of you who are trying to get into shape, again, don’t be too hard on yourself; this is a very long process.  For those of you who are “dieting” for the 100th time, I would really suggest looking more into making long lasting lifestyle changes and getting active.. staying active. Those are really the only way to succeed long term at a goal like this.




  1. Get into school for the summer semester. This one is easy and doesn’t require much of an update. Everything is moving forward with this goal, I am merely waiting on finalizing my taxes so that I can submit that information to the financial aid department.  I’m sure I will have a lengthier update on this goal at the end of the quarter.
  2. Focus more on writing. This is one of the goals that has really been my biggest focus for this quarter.  Being recently struck with a kidney stone (that I still have not passed), I have been down the past week or so – which is why I haven’t posted a new blog in the last two weeks.  However, I am still making good progress on my prep and outline for my book.  I am fairly content with the progress thus far.
  3. Write Debbie Macomber. This may seem like such a silly goal to most people, but she is my biggest inspiration.  She is why I fell in love with reading, she is why I fell back in love with love, and she is the reason why I started writing again.  Writing a letter to her is something that she encourages constantly and it was something that my husband suggested I do.  So, I did! 
  4. Stop drinking soda. Okay so this one is a little tricky.  I quit drinking soda for several weeks but then when I got sick I grabbed a sprite to settle my stomach and it kind of hasn’t stopped from there. I have however, stuck to not drinking mountain dew, coke, or pepsi – which were my biggest weaknesses when it comes to soda.  On average I have been having a sprite maybe 4 times a week.
  5. Winter Reading Challenge


  1. Read a book by a new author. These two goals are being combined for this update because they both go side by side.  I have completed the Winter Reading Challenge through my local library.  This is something that I participate pretty much every time they have one (twice a year on average) and I have always enjoyed it.  This time however, I am disappointed to say, that I will not be able to attend the reading party in a week because I will be working.  *sigh*  On another note, during this reading challenge I decided to dive into the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins – which completes goal 9 also.  I was very impressed with this trilogy and the movies.  I couldn’t believe how well the movies stuck to the books, which isn’t typical.  The only negative thing I would have to say is that I felt it ended too quickly.
  2. Save for and purchase a computer. This is a goal that I accomplished before I was able to post my original quarterly goals blog. I purchased a small Lenova ideapad.  I was unsure about this purchase at first and read through so many reviews before making my decision.  It was affordable and on-sale even further and it has worked out wonderfully.  It is easy to grab and take with me wherever I’m going – work, library, a last minute trip to Indianapolis, to the doctor/er…  I am in love with it.  Plus, it has helped me with goal 5 – focusing more on my writing.  Before, I was handwriting everything in a notebook including my blog posts prior to posting them.  I must say that I am glad that those days are behind me!

Aside from the above, I am throwing around many ideas for several different blog posts and really hope to become more regular in my posting.  Until next time.


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