Blogging Goals

Most of this evening my husband and I have spent re-arranging our home as well as making plans for re-decorating as we go – which we will be starting soon.  While working on this team “project” together I have also been working on new plans for my blog page on and off during breaks.  Now many of my blog posts have focused on goals and this one is along those lines too but specifically my goals for my blog.

One of the things that I have struggled with time and time again when it comes to blogging is creating and sticking to a writing schedule.  I’ve had several people tell me that I need to set a goal for a daily word count, I’ve had others tell me that I need to focus on writing a set amount of times per week, and I’ve had other tell me that I should just write whenever I feel a calling for it. Tonight, I realized that in order for blogging to work for me, I need to take it much further than that.

Over the past couple of days, while I’ve been down following surgery, I have been brainstorming topic ideas.  This has been another controversial subject when it comes to seeking advice for my blog.  Some people have told me to pick and stick to one topic and others have told me to use my blogging like a public journal.  Neither of these suggestions works for me and my goals for blogging.

While brain-storming I was able to get my list of topics down to my favorite things to discuss – five to be exact.  Those things are: Goals, Relationships, Career, DIY, and Health.  Now keep in mind that these are VERY broad terms and many different and more specific topics will fall under each category.

Next, I moved on to a schedule.  I went through a lot of ideas on how this could be done and finally ended up pulling out my calendar and typing up a schedule.  A rough draft of course.  I decided that I will be posted my blogs on Fridays – mainly because it is the end of the week and I usually have a lot of ideas running through my mind by then.  For my schedule I have typed out a basic “MONTH:” followed by the date for each Friday through that month.  My plan is to go through AT LEAST a month ahead and plan each blog out.  Like an outline.

I have not yet fully decided on the order of this schedule but I know that I will be starting the month out with a blog about Goals and ending the month with a DIY blog.  The rest I fill in as I go through this first month because the remainder of the topics don’t matter much when it comes to the order – however, it does make sense to start each month with goals and end each month blogging about a current project.  Within the blog post for goals at the beginning of each month I will make sure to at least mention the DIY project that I will be working on for that month in order for my readers to look forward to the end of the month blog that will include my experience as well as a tutorial.

I am truly looking forward to getting started on this new schedule and seeing how it works out for me.  I have a strong feeling and very high hopes that this is going to be the breakthrough that I’ve needed, to stick with my blogging goals.  Since I have announced here what my main topics will be and as you guys get to know me and the things that I write about – please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or drop me a line through email.  I would love to hear from you all and would love to further my blogging by writing specifically to my readers!

As always – Until next time.



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