My very first writers workshop!

This week has been a pretty busy week for me, although, most of my weeks are busy.  I worked my usual work week (which isn’t yet over) but work has been more difficult this week.  With our recent weather and its many shifts, several of the residents are ill and being isolated in attempts to keep it from spreading to the other residents.  This of course doesn’t help the employees any so I’ve been knocking on every piece of wood I come across – praying that I don’t get it.

Aside from the usual though, I started a writing workshop this week, expecting to put in quite a bit of work but not realizing how much I would take away from it.  This workshop was instructed by Suzanne Adams who is not only great at writing and great at teaching – but she is also very spiritual.  Her spirituality added something to the workshop that I didn’t foresee and it was amazing.  Having studied Chakra work in the past I could see how some of her instructions, such as, to step away from your mind and into your heart – were linking the writing process with your soul and I truly think that’s where it all comes from!

Suzanne also focused the workshop deeply on meditation, which I found to be wonderful from the get-go.  I had several people from the class reach out to me about the meditations and expressed their struggles.  Having also spent quite a bit of time over the years studying mediation – I was able to really help some truly gifted writers.  In fact, by day four of the workshop I was really starting to feel like I was more there to help rather than there to learn – which was actually okay with me so I dove into helping as many as I could and not only with the meditation portion of the workshop but I offered guidance with outlining and also became a beta reader. 

On day five, my thoughts of me not gaining anything from the workshop were proven wrong.  I had participated in day five just like the rest of the days prior and was still stuck with “This is wonderful information but what do I do with it all?”. I had completed a second outline – for a memoir rather than the novel that I am currently working on, which is fantastic because for years I have wanted to share MY story but have really just been lost as where to start.  This workshop did provide me with opening my heart and letting all of that flow out of me, so when I am ready to sit down and start writing my memoir, I have everything prepped to do so.

So, on day five I went to work at the manor as usual and didn’t really give any more thought to the workshop.  I kept reminding myself that Suzanna was adamant about every one of us being qualified to write because of the simple fact that we are here – pursuing writing.  She also stressed to many of us that our story is truly our story and that there isn’t one out there like it.  There may be something similar, but it isn’t OUR story.  This meant a great ordeal to me.  So, like I did many of the nights at the manor while things are winding down, I grabbed my phone and started browsing through Facebook.  Not for anything in particular either, just to busy my mind really.  However, I came across an advertisement for one of the pages I follow talking about a short story contest.  I quickly read through the requirements and thought to myself “Well that’s a ridiculous topic! How would one even write a story about that?!” I tucked my phone back into my pocket kind of irritated at the thought that I was never going to find my break.

The next day I was flooded with an entire storyline and sat down to write.  Before I knew it – I was well past the 1500 word maximum.  I finished the story out and decided to put it away for a few days knowing that I have an entire month to work on editing.  Yesterday I pulled it out to start editing and realized that I really do have something here in this group of currently 1562 words. This gave me so much hope.  Even if I don’t win this contest, I have made myself extremely proud just for seeing it through from beginning to end and I believe that I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the workshop, without my husband who is extremely motivating when it comes to my writing, nor without my closest friends and beta readers.  All of you, Suzanne included, mean the world to me.  You have all helped me and pushed me to find my voice!

Today is Friday, and I have now registered for two other writing workshops with Suzanne.  For anyone who is looking for a spiritual guidance in order to get your creativity flowing – I highly recommend her.  Even if at first you feel that it isn’t doing you any good – trust me – it is!  I know in my heart that the things she has taught me in such a short amount of time are going to last me a lifetime.

Also this week, I got a letter from my favorite author Debbie Macomber!  Well, she’s traveling (which I already knew because I follow her closely) so I really didn’t expect any kind of response back.  However, her office assistant sent me a letter as well as a list of tips from Debbie for pursuing writing. It is something I will treasure and will be hanging it up in my office area for constant motivation from someone I look up to greatly when it comes to my writing goals!!


As always, I wish you all the best of luck with your endeavors. May you find what you need in order to never give up on your dreams.


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