Quarterly Goals (April, May, June)

So I am going to make the beginning of this blog very brief and in a list form due to the fact that I already posted a blog halfway through the last quarter discussing my progress with my goals.

  1. 90 days of no smoking – as stated in my update blog, this was a fail.  I quit smoking for about 36 days and then started back up again.  I had hoped to be able to jump back on the bandwagon during the last quarter but that didn’t happen.
  2. Open bank account – this also did not happen.  This is a goal that will be removed from my list because now the plan is to add me to my husbands bank account.
  3. Lose 10 pounds – this is a goal that I did not fully succeed at.  I have only lost about 5 pounds over the last quarter.  This is a goal that will be pushed into this quarter but I am going to be bumping it down to 5 pounds.
  4. Get into school for the summer semester – this goal will be moved to this current quarter but altered.  Due to some major recent changes (which I will discuss in the next blog post – also today) I will not be trying to get into school until the Fall semester.
  5. Focus more on writing – this has been a major success and the one goal that I have focused the most on during the last quarter.  In fact, I pretty much did something with writing every day!
  6. Write Debbie Macomber – this goal was accomplished and I am proud to have a return letter and writing tips to hang in my office area when I finally decorate!
  7. Stop drinking soda – this goal went really well for quite some time but now that some things have changed I have gone back to drinking monster BUT have also been focusing on drinking more water.
  8. Winter reading challenge – this goal was also a success.  I did not attend the winter reading party due to working but I did complete the reading anyway.
  9. Read a book by a new author – this goal was completed and I chose to finally read the Hunger Game series.  I really enjoyed these books and the authors writing style was indeed enjoyable!
  10. Save for and purchase a computer – This was completed very early on and I am still grateful for my ideapad.


With that said that puts me at 50% for last quarter which is acceptable to me and as always I will of course try harder with this current quarter.  So to move forward swiftly with this blog I will now include the list of goals for the current quarter which started April 1st!

  1. Keep up with the housework – This goal is highly important to me right now.  When I first met my husband I was all over cleaning up his apartment for him while I was over and waiting for him to come home from work.  It made me feel great and I know that it was one of the things that he loved about me.  The fact that I could work, take care of my own place, and keep his tidy so that he didn’t have to do it when he got home after working all day.  Lately though, Steve has been doing a lot of the cleaning.  I have been working two jobs the past year and he has been working part time so he is home way more than I am.  Some days I am so tired that I don’t let myself feel bad about it and I am just grateful that I have a husband who is willing to help around the house when I am gone at work most of the week.  Other days though I feel really bad that I am slacking on my duties as a wife.  So, with that said, this goal is a priority.  I insist on finding a way to juggle my work life and my home life.
  2. Drink more water/less soda – I talked about this a bit above and I do want to cut back on sugar which means cutting down as much as I can on the soda AND the energy drinks.  I am not going to make it a goal to cut these things completely out right now though.  I will also be focusing on drinking more water.  I am going to shoot for like 2 soda’s a day and water in the amount that is needed for my body weight (which I do not know the exact number at this moment).
  3. Walk at least twice a week – This goal will indeed be a challenge but I am going to give it my best. My job has become very physical in the last couple of weeks as well as time consuming.
  4. Submit my short story – during the last quarter I wrote a short story for a contest.  I need to finish the final draft and submit this story during this quarter.
  5. Save $250 – This goal is going to be difficult for me.  I will be making more money which is great but I will also be dishing out more money between picking up a new phone bill and attorney fees as well as possible counseling for my son.
  6. Complete and post all blogs by the end of the weekend – I originally wanted to post my blogs every Friday.  This was working well until the recent changes that I will discuss later at which time everyone will understand – I do apologize for the delays in my post.
  7. Read at least one book per month – Reading is something that I really enjoy.  Lately I haven’t been reading near as much as I normally would.  A big part of this is due to the fact that I am working so much now, another part is due to my husband buying me a Nintendo 3ds XL that I am absolutely in love with!
  8. Practice self-care – This goal is going to be very important this quarter. By self care I mean most definitely practicing better sleeping habits, PRIORITY! As well as other things like keeping my nails done, doing my hair and make-up, etc.  You know, basically those things that make us feel good about ourselves.
  9. Smoke less – This is my new smoking goal.  Rather than focusing so hard (and failing) at quitting smoking, I am going to focus on smoking less by averting my attention as often as I can.
  10. Exercise – For this goal I am going to focus on doing short strengthening and yoga work-outs.  My hope is to do these both 3 times a week.  Both of these things will be helpful with my work and my back which I have injured too many times now.


Well, that is about it for this blog post!  I hope to report back to everyone at the end of this Quarter and be able to say that I have completed 75% of these new goals!  Until next time!


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