Overall health over-ride 

I want to start this blog post off by asking my readers to please bare with me. I usually prep and draft my posts but tonight I’m winging this and to top it all off – I’m doing so on my phone!

The last several years I have experienced an overwhelming amount of illness for my age. Currently 29, my health took a weird turn at age 24. Since then I have had a major hip/pelvis injury that occurred when I sat down on the toilet to pee – literally. My tendons and ligaments gave out and I lost all feeling to my legs. My doctor has had several theories but no definite answers as to how the injury occurred. Regardless, I was on bed rest for weeks and had to go through tons of physical therapy. During the time of my bed rest I also came down with shingles – and I truly feel for anyone who has to endure that painful, blistering rash. That same year I came down with shingles two more times. Several months after, I was hospitalized because my lungs weren’t functioning properly and being an asthmatic, it caused major problems. It took the pulmonary and immunology doctors two weeks to figure out that my body was having a severe reaction to allergens – I tested positive for 80/83 environmental allergens to be exact! During that time I also found that I was deathly allergic to bee venom. Yay for epinephrine! 

Awhile later I came down with severe pain in my pelvis. I suffered through test after test and finally months later, after seeing several specialists – I learned that I had PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) a diagnosis that doctors kept putting on the back burner because it is generally caused by an std, which I repeatedly tested negative for and I wasn’t sexually active to boot. None the less, I was finally diagnosed and after a month of string antibiotic treatment, I recovered.

After that I came down with strep throat. Simple right? In fact this was a common illness for me for YEARS. Only this time the infection remained six months after it began and resulted in me having my tonsils removed at the age of 27. 

Some time had passed and things were looking up, until I fell on black ice and broke my tail bone. This resulted in a lower back injury that would take several months to rear its ugly head. Every few months I have severe, debilitating pain in my lower spine that radiates down my hips, thighs, and into my knees – usually immobilizing me for days at a time. 

I promise I have a point to sharing all of this information. 

For a year (up until right before my wedding Sept 2016) I suffered spells of severe abdominal pain that landed me in the er every single time. In the beginning it was once every couple of months but toward the end it was occurring twice a week. I saw probably ten to fifteen different doctors and nobody could diagnose the cause of my pain. Until one doctor finally figured out that I had bile backing up into my liver and pancreatic fluid backing up into my pancreas. This resulted in another surgery called a sphincterotomy. 

Six months later I had to have another surgery to remove kidney stones. 

This past week my lungs took a fall. I has a severe asthma exacerbation. I have suffered from asthma since the age of 14. And I have gone through this a few times over the years but this time it was bad and I feared hospitalization. Within the course of four days I had been to the emergency room three times. I was loaded with steroids, antibiotics, believe syrup, and breathing treatments every 3 hours around the clock. Now I have gone two days without an asthma attack and an reducing my steroid intake and focusing on strengthening my lungs. Strengthening my lungs is by far the most difficult process of recovering from this because you literally have to get out and work your lungs while focusing on controlling your breathing. It’s painful. It’s scary. It’s necessary. I have been out of work for a week now and hope to return with my doctors approval this coming week. 

Tonight though, I am facing another ailment that has yet to be officially diagnosed. I am sitting here writing this blog post and am hurting just because I’m sitting. Every few months my body flares up with pain that feels like I am literally bruised all over. It starts in my mid back, travels up through my shoulders, down my arms, into my chest, and occasionally like tonight – upwards into my face. Anything or anyone touching me (clothing included) is excruciating. Since doctors have not been able to diagnose this, treating it is pretty much impossible so I wait it out until it stops. 

Many people don’t see or understand the amount of chronic pain that I am in because I continue my life day by day to the best of my ability. Which usually includes pushing through my very physical job in the healthcare field. Unless I am physically unable to move, I am at work. I am taking care of the home. I am caring for my family. I am still seeing through my responsibilities. If I didn’t – my life would be terrible. 

The last “flare” that I described, I believe is due mostly to stress. Our brain and our bodies are connected in ways that many people cannot understand. I can assure all of you that if your mind is overloaded – you will feel it physically – and vice versa. That brings me to the point of this post. 

Overall health over-ride. 

I have talked many times about how I want to get into shape – and I really do, don’t we all at some point? I get so stressed sometimes about my body. I hate that I have “extra” under my chin, I hate that I have huge calves, I hate that I have rolls in my tummy area, I hate going to stores and seeing all of these things that I can’t wear because I am 260 pounds. 

But you know what I hate the most? I hate that I hate my body and that isn’t physical – that’s mental. 

One of my goals for this quarter is health related – weight loss related – I honestly cannot recall the exact goal at this time. But this past week my focus has changed. I don’t want to focus on losing weight, I don’t want to focus on toning my bod, and I don’t want to focus on everything I dislike when I look in the mirror. 

What I want to focus on is feeling good – and right now I feel downright terrible. 

Over the next several months I an going to research and search for ways to achieve this so that I can share it with the world. I know it’s going to take a lot and that’s okay. I can go to the gym and work out everyday, I can deprive myself of food that I enjoy because is fattening, I can take pills to cut he pounds and boost my energy – but it’s more than just a fix, it’s a lifestyle. I am determined to find a way to treat myself physically and mentally – improving my health all around so that I feel good mentally and physically. 

I encourage anyone and everyone who is facing the same to join me on this journey. To follow my findings, to reach and share your own. And to be happy in doing so. 

Until next time. 


Let go of it


As many of us have experienced – change can be terrifying.  I have spent the majority of my life being terrified of change.  Over the past couple of years though I have learned to just roll with it.  Change is inevitable regardless of the presence of fear.  The sooner you learn to flow with the change, the easier life will become.  Plus, who wants to stay in the same place for the duration of their time here on earth?  Not me.  Definitely not me! And I can bet – not you either.


As many of you know, right around a year ago, I took a job at Carroll Manor – the county home on the outskirts of the town that I live in.  At the time I wasn’t even really looking for another job but I went with it.  Sometimes things just feel right.  I felt in my soul that I was supposed to be exactly where I was that day, accepting that job.  I felt in my soul that I was exactly where I was supposed to be when I left that same job – nearly two weeks ago.  This decision was a shock to a lot of people, hell it was a shock to me as well, but I really don’t know why.  It had been a long time coming.


When I first started my job there, I wanted to make a difference.  Halfway through the year as I struggled to juggle two different jobs (because I kept my job in home health care), I still believed that I could make a difference… somehow.  The things that I went through while on the floor and the stress that I endured didn’t even really come to light until after I left and immediately felt – relieved.  Most people feel very overwhelmed when they make a decision to leave a job within a second of time, and follow through, but not me. I was happy.


Not only was I required to do things that I wasn’t certified or licensed to do, but I had to deal with co-workers who were lazy, rude, and treated the residents like total crap.  I hated pretty much every minute of the last three months that I worked there.  I worked my rear end off, every minute that I was there, often going to work when ill.  I had several co-workers who would call off over headaches, colds, and simply not wanting to come to work (this was known by management) and then ridiculed for having to take two days off to have surgery!  I felt invisible and I felt very mistreated.  I went home pretty much every night mentally and physically exhausted.  The only thing that kept me dragging myself back in the next day were the residents that I cared for and I will miss them dearly.


For the first time in my life I was content about where life was heading, even though I had no idea where I would land, I felt good about it.  The same day that I notified the Manor that I wouldn’t be coming back, I contacted my home health care company and notified them that I was back with them full time – which is something they had been asking of me the entire year that I was at the Manor.  Pretty much the entire office staff was thrilled and instantly jumped on working out my schedule.  At the end of that week I was offered the on-call position.  I told them I would try it for a week and see what I thought.  Now I am on a two-month trial period to really get the feel of it before I accept or deny officially.


The on-call position isn’t easy, but it is rewarding.  It ups my pay by $3 which is a big deal to me and also gives me a $200 bonus for the weeks that I am on-call, regardless of how many hours I work.  I also get overtime pay which is great.  Basically, I am on-call for seven days straight and then work a regular schedule the following week (with the weekend off), then on-call again for seven days.  The first shift of the day can start as early as 6:30am and the latest shift can end as late at 11:00pm.  Needless to say, some days are completely booked and leave me wondering how people make a living calling off all the time – other days are relaxed and I may only get called into one or two shifts.  The hardest part of being the on-call is that most of the shifts that get called off on are harder clients.


I am thrilled to see where this job opportunity takes me.  Nothing is set in stone, but that is okay, because where it goes is up to me and that is a wonderful feeling to have.  I have never really felt in control of my life before, it is totally different than I ever imagined, but it… I feel free.  This situation has shown me what life can be life when you let go of fear.  So I am going to continue on this path and really work through pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I can’t imagine the kind of life I am going to be able to create with this new perspective.  With this new skill that I have acquired during a situation that could have broken me down the way the it would have years ago.


I hope that whatever fears are holding you back that you are able to work past them and reach for the stars.  Don’t let anything hold you back from you dreams, from living your own life! 


Quarterly Goals (April, May, June)

So I am going to make the beginning of this blog very brief and in a list form due to the fact that I already posted a blog halfway through the last quarter discussing my progress with my goals.

  1. 90 days of no smoking – as stated in my update blog, this was a fail.  I quit smoking for about 36 days and then started back up again.  I had hoped to be able to jump back on the bandwagon during the last quarter but that didn’t happen.
  2. Open bank account – this also did not happen.  This is a goal that will be removed from my list because now the plan is to add me to my husbands bank account.
  3. Lose 10 pounds – this is a goal that I did not fully succeed at.  I have only lost about 5 pounds over the last quarter.  This is a goal that will be pushed into this quarter but I am going to be bumping it down to 5 pounds.
  4. Get into school for the summer semester – this goal will be moved to this current quarter but altered.  Due to some major recent changes (which I will discuss in the next blog post – also today) I will not be trying to get into school until the Fall semester.
  5. Focus more on writing – this has been a major success and the one goal that I have focused the most on during the last quarter.  In fact, I pretty much did something with writing every day!
  6. Write Debbie Macomber – this goal was accomplished and I am proud to have a return letter and writing tips to hang in my office area when I finally decorate!
  7. Stop drinking soda – this goal went really well for quite some time but now that some things have changed I have gone back to drinking monster BUT have also been focusing on drinking more water.
  8. Winter reading challenge – this goal was also a success.  I did not attend the winter reading party due to working but I did complete the reading anyway.
  9. Read a book by a new author – this goal was completed and I chose to finally read the Hunger Game series.  I really enjoyed these books and the authors writing style was indeed enjoyable!
  10. Save for and purchase a computer – This was completed very early on and I am still grateful for my ideapad.


With that said that puts me at 50% for last quarter which is acceptable to me and as always I will of course try harder with this current quarter.  So to move forward swiftly with this blog I will now include the list of goals for the current quarter which started April 1st!

  1. Keep up with the housework – This goal is highly important to me right now.  When I first met my husband I was all over cleaning up his apartment for him while I was over and waiting for him to come home from work.  It made me feel great and I know that it was one of the things that he loved about me.  The fact that I could work, take care of my own place, and keep his tidy so that he didn’t have to do it when he got home after working all day.  Lately though, Steve has been doing a lot of the cleaning.  I have been working two jobs the past year and he has been working part time so he is home way more than I am.  Some days I am so tired that I don’t let myself feel bad about it and I am just grateful that I have a husband who is willing to help around the house when I am gone at work most of the week.  Other days though I feel really bad that I am slacking on my duties as a wife.  So, with that said, this goal is a priority.  I insist on finding a way to juggle my work life and my home life.
  2. Drink more water/less soda – I talked about this a bit above and I do want to cut back on sugar which means cutting down as much as I can on the soda AND the energy drinks.  I am not going to make it a goal to cut these things completely out right now though.  I will also be focusing on drinking more water.  I am going to shoot for like 2 soda’s a day and water in the amount that is needed for my body weight (which I do not know the exact number at this moment).
  3. Walk at least twice a week – This goal will indeed be a challenge but I am going to give it my best. My job has become very physical in the last couple of weeks as well as time consuming.
  4. Submit my short story – during the last quarter I wrote a short story for a contest.  I need to finish the final draft and submit this story during this quarter.
  5. Save $250 – This goal is going to be difficult for me.  I will be making more money which is great but I will also be dishing out more money between picking up a new phone bill and attorney fees as well as possible counseling for my son.
  6. Complete and post all blogs by the end of the weekend – I originally wanted to post my blogs every Friday.  This was working well until the recent changes that I will discuss later at which time everyone will understand – I do apologize for the delays in my post.
  7. Read at least one book per month – Reading is something that I really enjoy.  Lately I haven’t been reading near as much as I normally would.  A big part of this is due to the fact that I am working so much now, another part is due to my husband buying me a Nintendo 3ds XL that I am absolutely in love with!
  8. Practice self-care – This goal is going to be very important this quarter. By self care I mean most definitely practicing better sleeping habits, PRIORITY! As well as other things like keeping my nails done, doing my hair and make-up, etc.  You know, basically those things that make us feel good about ourselves.
  9. Smoke less – This is my new smoking goal.  Rather than focusing so hard (and failing) at quitting smoking, I am going to focus on smoking less by averting my attention as often as I can.
  10. Exercise – For this goal I am going to focus on doing short strengthening and yoga work-outs.  My hope is to do these both 3 times a week.  Both of these things will be helpful with my work and my back which I have injured too many times now.


Well, that is about it for this blog post!  I hope to report back to everyone at the end of this Quarter and be able to say that I have completed 75% of these new goals!  Until next time!

Six month Anniversary <3

There are definitely some instances of “Love at first sight” that exist, but that doesn’t last forever.  In fact, it doesn’t last for long before life and circumstances start to complicate it.  You must make a conscious decision and consistent effort to continue being in love – to continue loving someone. 

Today my husband and I celebrated our six-month wedding anniversary.  It is hard to believe that it has already been six months!  Most days I wake up and have to take a moment to really take in everything around me because it is hard to believe that I am where I am today.  I never imagined that my life would play out the way that it has. The road hasn’t been easy but it has been well worth it.  I’m not here today to talk to you about my life as a whole though, I am here to share with you the details of a new relationship and how I ended up married less than a year after meeting my husband for the first time, as well as how our marriage is going so far.

I’d like to start at the end of this story and say that this marriage has turned out being way better than my first marriage.  In fact, it isn’t even comparable. My first marriage was terrible, especially the first 6 months.  I didn’t see my ex-husband for the first six months because he was in military boot camp which meant that I spent most of my first pregnancy alone as well.  So – uneventful really.  When he did finally come home, it was one problem after another.

Have Steve and I had problems?  Tons!  The biggest difference is that we have been able to successfully work through our issues and especially our differences.  In fact, we’ve made our differences work together.  Our relationship started out great, we were both very infatuated with one another and I fought off falling for him for many months to come.  When I finally gave in and allowed myself to love Steve, it seemed that our problems started piling up.  Very quickly. This was difficult because our first 6 months together had been a rollercoaster for me.  When we started talking online, I had no interest in him.  He deleted me from Facebook because I hardly talked to him and when I realized I was angry, I also realized I was interested in him.  Then, when we met in person my first thought was that it would go nowhere and would merely just be fun while it lasted. That was in October and by Christmas I found myself falling in love with him more with each day that passed.

In April, only six months after we started dating, we called things off.  We had faced several different difficulties in our short relationship, things that I will not go into detail here because frankly – it’s our business, but never-the-less neither of us thought that we could overcome the things we were facing. Sometime in the beginning of that month Steve started to talk more and more about friendship and began distancing himself from the relationship.  I on the other hand did the only thing that I knew to do and walked away completely.  This was a very hard decision to make but I had no other choice.  I have been in multiple relationships that I held on to way too long and way too far past repair.  I wasn’t going to do that again. 

By the end of April Steve had asked to come see me – a first since we met as I had always traveled to him.  I was adamant to refuse seeing him but in the end, I gave in and decided to see what would come of it.  When he arrived, I was very stand off-ish and remained that way through most of our visit.  I didn’t want to allow him back in, I didn’t want to hurt any further and I was finally starting to get over my feelings for him.  After several minutes of not really speaking he asked that we go hiking, something he wasn’t at all interested in.  I decided to take him up on the offer and show him one of my daily trails here in Delphi where I live.  He actually enjoyed it, which showed me an entirely different side of this city boy that I had gotten to know. 

By the end of the visit we agreed to try thing one more time.  Understanding what changed his mind, I knew he deserved another chance – that WE deserved another chance.  I was scared and would be for many months to come.  One thing that we were still stuck with was the distance between us – me living in Delphi and him residing in Kokomo, both of us adamant about not relocating.  We told ourselves and one another that it would work out somehow.  That somehow occurred very shortly after when Steve became fed up with his long-term employer.  Leaving the company that he had worked for, he decided to relocate to Delphi and start over new.  With me.  Together.  This was such a shock in the beginning and things moved so quickly that it was overwhelming. 

In June, standing in the Tippecanoe River, Steve asked me to marry him.  This also came as a shock, because this was the man who told me from the day we met that we didn’t need to get married, that he didn’t want to get married.  I of course accepted his proposal, putting all of my faith into the love and life that we were building together.  We had an outdoor, riverside wedding – dressed in formal camo that my grandmother handmade.  It was beautiful.  I couldn’t imagine a better, more gorgeous wedding.  I wrote out our ceremony wording and my best friend (and maid of honors’) father married us.  My aunt made the wedding cake that I partially designed, Steve’s father handled the music as well as stood in as the Best Man, my son presented us with our rings, and my uncle gave me away.  It was perfect all the way down to me reciting Steve’s line saying “I Steve…” LOL and the bee that buzzed around me throughout the entire ceremony that took place on a hot fall day.  My good friend alongside another uncle of mine, captured so many great memories for Steve and I to savor for years to come.  That day and the months that led up to it, I learned what family was all about. 

The last six months have been… interesting.  It has been a long time since I have lived with anyone and Steve hasn’t ever really had a serious relationship as far as truly sharing life with someone.  Learning how to exist and flourish under the same roof hasn’t been easy to say the least but I think that we are finally starting to figure it out!  One thing that is very strong in our relationship is our teamwork.  We both work, we both clean the house, we both parent, etc.  This is something that has been great to discover.  This man and I could rule the world together and I know that we are going to build a truly good life together.  We have had our moments, no doubt, but we have become stronger through each issue that we work through together. 

Throughout the last six months we haven’t only gotten to know one another deeper, but also ourselves.  We are both growing into new people every day and learning more about who we are as individuals as well as a couple.  I believe that this is so important in the game of life.  Steve is learning how to be a parental figure to my son, which is slow going but I have seen so much progress in him with this.  I am finally learning what it means to be loved, truly.  He is getting to experience having a large family and I am getting to experience having a father figure as well as siblings.  We both have completely different lives compared to that of a year ago and it’s fantastic!  Even during the bad times we have learned to stick together and work together rather than against one another – which from experience can be a difficult lesson to learn.  You have to be in love through the good AND the bad.  Steve hasn’t just become my husband, he truly has become my best friend.  His successes are my own, my struggles are his, and vice versa.  We are a team and I couldn’t ask for a better man to have by my side through this lifetime.

My very first writers workshop!

This week has been a pretty busy week for me, although, most of my weeks are busy.  I worked my usual work week (which isn’t yet over) but work has been more difficult this week.  With our recent weather and its many shifts, several of the residents are ill and being isolated in attempts to keep it from spreading to the other residents.  This of course doesn’t help the employees any so I’ve been knocking on every piece of wood I come across – praying that I don’t get it.

Aside from the usual though, I started a writing workshop this week, expecting to put in quite a bit of work but not realizing how much I would take away from it.  This workshop was instructed by Suzanne Adams who is not only great at writing and great at teaching – but she is also very spiritual.  Her spirituality added something to the workshop that I didn’t foresee and it was amazing.  Having studied Chakra work in the past I could see how some of her instructions, such as, to step away from your mind and into your heart – were linking the writing process with your soul and I truly think that’s where it all comes from!

Suzanne also focused the workshop deeply on meditation, which I found to be wonderful from the get-go.  I had several people from the class reach out to me about the meditations and expressed their struggles.  Having also spent quite a bit of time over the years studying mediation – I was able to really help some truly gifted writers.  In fact, by day four of the workshop I was really starting to feel like I was more there to help rather than there to learn – which was actually okay with me so I dove into helping as many as I could and not only with the meditation portion of the workshop but I offered guidance with outlining and also became a beta reader. 

On day five, my thoughts of me not gaining anything from the workshop were proven wrong.  I had participated in day five just like the rest of the days prior and was still stuck with “This is wonderful information but what do I do with it all?”. I had completed a second outline – for a memoir rather than the novel that I am currently working on, which is fantastic because for years I have wanted to share MY story but have really just been lost as where to start.  This workshop did provide me with opening my heart and letting all of that flow out of me, so when I am ready to sit down and start writing my memoir, I have everything prepped to do so.

So, on day five I went to work at the manor as usual and didn’t really give any more thought to the workshop.  I kept reminding myself that Suzanna was adamant about every one of us being qualified to write because of the simple fact that we are here – pursuing writing.  She also stressed to many of us that our story is truly our story and that there isn’t one out there like it.  There may be something similar, but it isn’t OUR story.  This meant a great ordeal to me.  So, like I did many of the nights at the manor while things are winding down, I grabbed my phone and started browsing through Facebook.  Not for anything in particular either, just to busy my mind really.  However, I came across an advertisement for one of the pages I follow talking about a short story contest.  I quickly read through the requirements and thought to myself “Well that’s a ridiculous topic! How would one even write a story about that?!” I tucked my phone back into my pocket kind of irritated at the thought that I was never going to find my break.

The next day I was flooded with an entire storyline and sat down to write.  Before I knew it – I was well past the 1500 word maximum.  I finished the story out and decided to put it away for a few days knowing that I have an entire month to work on editing.  Yesterday I pulled it out to start editing and realized that I really do have something here in this group of currently 1562 words. This gave me so much hope.  Even if I don’t win this contest, I have made myself extremely proud just for seeing it through from beginning to end and I believe that I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the workshop, without my husband who is extremely motivating when it comes to my writing, nor without my closest friends and beta readers.  All of you, Suzanne included, mean the world to me.  You have all helped me and pushed me to find my voice!

Today is Friday, and I have now registered for two other writing workshops with Suzanne.  For anyone who is looking for a spiritual guidance in order to get your creativity flowing – I highly recommend her.  Even if at first you feel that it isn’t doing you any good – trust me – it is!  I know in my heart that the things she has taught me in such a short amount of time are going to last me a lifetime.

Also this week, I got a letter from my favorite author Debbie Macomber!  Well, she’s traveling (which I already knew because I follow her closely) so I really didn’t expect any kind of response back.  However, her office assistant sent me a letter as well as a list of tips from Debbie for pursuing writing. It is something I will treasure and will be hanging it up in my office area for constant motivation from someone I look up to greatly when it comes to my writing goals!!


As always, I wish you all the best of luck with your endeavors. May you find what you need in order to never give up on your dreams.

Birth Control Reviews

A common health topic these days for women is birth control.  I have decided to write about this because A) I have tried several different forms of birth control and B) I recently changed my method of birth control.  The very first birth control that I ever tried was the Depo-Provera injection – when I was fifteen years old.  Over the years, this has been my go-to method regardless of others that I have tried, so I am going to start there.

The Depo-Provera injection is administered either into the upper arm or into the hip.  I personally find it more bearable to have the injection administered into the hip.  For one, if you have a fear of needles like I do this eliminates having to see the needles, which is rather large.  Having tried both, I have always favored the hip because it is also less painful and the general soreness doesn’t last quite as long as it does when having it administered into the upper arm (in fact I have only had it injected into my arm once).  The things about the Depo-Provera is that it isn’t the needle itself that hurts the most, it’s the actual medication being injected, which is kind-of like the thickness of egg whites.  I have not experienced many negative side effects of this medication which can include things like abdominal pain, acne, breast soreness, decreased interest in sex – like many of the other forms of birth control available.  I have experienced two main side effects: weight gain (negative), and my period stopped completely the entire time I was on it (positive).  For me, this was one of the best forms of birth control out of the ones that I have tried.


After the birth of my first son I wanted to try something different, currently I cannot recall why, however after discussing different options with my physician I chose to try Ortho Evra.  This specific kind of birth control is administered through a patch that you apply to your upper arm, chest, lower abdomen, and a few other select places.  I always chose to place mine on my chest.  The patch is worn for three weeks and then taken off for the fourth week in order to produce your period.  This is a good option for those of you who do not favor taking a daily pill but feel it is necessary to have a monthly period.  For me, I tended to change my patch depending on my schedule so that I could have my period when I wanted to – this isn’t recommended!  The side effects are much like all other birth controls but tend to also cause nausea, menstrual cramping (which was already a problem for me to begin with), and skin irritations (which became a huge problem for me).  The skin irritations are one of the reasons I chose to go off of this birth control method and my periods (which are abnormally heavy and painful – no shame here!) is why I chose to return to using the Depo-Provera, once again.


In 2014, I suffered from a very large ovarian cyst (about the size of a small orange) that hemorrhaged and causes internal bleeding, due to this my gynecologist required me to go off of the Depo-Provera and instead go on the pill.  This was by far the worst birth control method I have tried, and that may be due in part to the underlying medical issues.  It was very stressful to have to remember to take a pill at the same time every single day.  I have always been a very busy person and so this created havoc in my schedule.  On top of the general inconvenience of this method itself – I started my period about a month into stopping Depo-Provera and starting the pill, and I remained on my period for four months after until I finally refused to take it any longer and insisted on going back on the Depo-Provera.  Aside from what I’ve already discussed, the side effects were terrible for me.  Decreased sex drive, abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, breast soreness, weight gain, headaches, etc. 

The last and current form of birth control is the Implanon, which I had inserted in Decemeber 2016 – so about four months ago.  I was on the Depo-Provera prior to this change and in fact that form of birth control was still active for another two months when I made the switch.  I must say, this form of birth control is not for the queasy (I will share pictures) but it is ideal when you want a long-term birth control and are not okay with something being inserted into you fallopian tubes.  Now, four months ago, I wouldn’t have said that.  In fact, I would have recommended against this new form of birth control because in the first two weeks I HATED it!  The pain was unreal and unexpected so if you are going into this, know that it is painful.  The Implanon is placed into your arm with a device that looks like a very large hollow needle – which leaves a scar, FYI.  The doctor will numb the inner, upper arm with a local anesthetic THANK GAWD!  After you’re numbed he will insert the needle and then release the birth control which is basically a flexible plastic rod about an inch long, just under the skin.  This can take a minute or two because he/she will slowly insert the needle because it has to go just underneath the skin tissue in order to stay in place.  To clear up some things on this:  I don’t ever really notice it being there now, you can rub it and it will not bother you, the main side effects that I have experienced are abnormally fast hair growth (which is great for my head but bad for everywhere else!) and weight gain.  I cannot advise you on the removal because I won’t be having it removed for nearly three years but, I have heard that it can be pretty bad.



I hope that this review is found to be helpful to at least a few different people.  To some of us birth control is highly important.  For me – I am married and would love to have more children but I can’t due to my oldest son having a fatal disease.  But as many do, I LOVE sex so abstaining isn’t an option either.  Please keep in mind that this review is based only on my own personal experience with each method of birth control and know that every person and how they react to any given medication – is different! 

Blogging Goals

Most of this evening my husband and I have spent re-arranging our home as well as making plans for re-decorating as we go – which we will be starting soon.  While working on this team “project” together I have also been working on new plans for my blog page on and off during breaks.  Now many of my blog posts have focused on goals and this one is along those lines too but specifically my goals for my blog.

One of the things that I have struggled with time and time again when it comes to blogging is creating and sticking to a writing schedule.  I’ve had several people tell me that I need to set a goal for a daily word count, I’ve had others tell me that I need to focus on writing a set amount of times per week, and I’ve had other tell me that I should just write whenever I feel a calling for it. Tonight, I realized that in order for blogging to work for me, I need to take it much further than that.

Over the past couple of days, while I’ve been down following surgery, I have been brainstorming topic ideas.  This has been another controversial subject when it comes to seeking advice for my blog.  Some people have told me to pick and stick to one topic and others have told me to use my blogging like a public journal.  Neither of these suggestions works for me and my goals for blogging.

While brain-storming I was able to get my list of topics down to my favorite things to discuss – five to be exact.  Those things are: Goals, Relationships, Career, DIY, and Health.  Now keep in mind that these are VERY broad terms and many different and more specific topics will fall under each category.

Next, I moved on to a schedule.  I went through a lot of ideas on how this could be done and finally ended up pulling out my calendar and typing up a schedule.  A rough draft of course.  I decided that I will be posted my blogs on Fridays – mainly because it is the end of the week and I usually have a lot of ideas running through my mind by then.  For my schedule I have typed out a basic “MONTH:” followed by the date for each Friday through that month.  My plan is to go through AT LEAST a month ahead and plan each blog out.  Like an outline.

I have not yet fully decided on the order of this schedule but I know that I will be starting the month out with a blog about Goals and ending the month with a DIY blog.  The rest I fill in as I go through this first month because the remainder of the topics don’t matter much when it comes to the order – however, it does make sense to start each month with goals and end each month blogging about a current project.  Within the blog post for goals at the beginning of each month I will make sure to at least mention the DIY project that I will be working on for that month in order for my readers to look forward to the end of the month blog that will include my experience as well as a tutorial.

I am truly looking forward to getting started on this new schedule and seeing how it works out for me.  I have a strong feeling and very high hopes that this is going to be the breakthrough that I’ve needed, to stick with my blogging goals.  Since I have announced here what my main topics will be and as you guys get to know me and the things that I write about – please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or drop me a line through email.  I would love to hear from you all and would love to further my blogging by writing specifically to my readers!

As always – Until next time.